Another weekend, another great Pittsburgh restaurant. This time, Kristin and I made our much-anticipated trip to Apteka, one of the most intriguing new spots in the city.

Pierogies are somewhat of a local delicacy in Pittsburgh, and they can be found anywhere from dive bars to upscale bistros. It's not unusual to see them served in creative and gourmet ways, but it's less usual to see them on a menu alongside other equally creative Eastern European fare. So Apteka to the rescue. We only had a short visit, but enough to come away feeling even better about the local Pittsburgh food scene. (I was pleased to see local breweries like Roundabout represented here as well!) I love living in a city that can foster so many unique food concepts. Though my interior shots don't do it justice (crowded this evening), the space is beautifully designed as well--I hope to be back soon to capture more of it!