Welcome to my website! My name is Christopher, and I'm a photographer based in Winchester, VA (formerly of Pittsburgh, PA). When I'm not behind the lens, I'm teaching and writing about music. 

This site is my little corner of the web, both as my portfolio and a place to share my thoughts and the results of my photographic wanderings. You'll find a small sample of pictures in the galleries, but my more frequent activity and current projects can be found on the blog page. 


If you're interested in working on a project feel free to send me an email at c.thomas.ruth@gmail.com


Shantanu Starick
The Blue Hour
The Weaver House
Tim Melidio
Jared Chambers
Peggy Wong
Chris Ozer
Gaëtan Rossier


Thom Dawkins Poetry
Erick Fox
James W. Iman, Pianist
Mark Fromm, Composer
Trillium Ensemble
claySmith studio